Lawrence Pillay

Global Head of Woolworths Holding for Sourcing, Quality and Innovation

Lawrence Pillay 4x6 BW

Lawrence Pillay is the Global Head of Woolworths Holding for Sourcing, Quality and Innovation. His responsibilities cover their South African retail operations, their Australian business and their Shanghai Procurement and Quality Division. Boasting over 25 years of manufacturing and retail experience, Lawrence has filled executive roles in manufacturing and retail based in South Africa and Australia. Lawrence started his career as a Fabric Technologist, and holds postgraduate qualifications in Quality Assurance and Retail Management from the University of KZN and the University of Cape Town. He has also completed the Executive Leadership Programme from Penn State University in Pennsylvania. In addition to this, his social commitments include being an Executive Director of the Amazing Grace Outreach Foundation, as well as serving as a Trustee of the Woolworths Trust.

Seminar Session

Date:     4 November 2020, Wednesday

Time:     12:00

Topic:     Strengthening Partnership in Trade & Investment with Mauritius. A sourcing and investment perspective of doing business with and in Mauritius.

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