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Young designer is using his creativity to earn a living

Young entrepreneur Tumelo Msiza (21) is set to make his mark in the fashion industry through his own clothing brand, Nephesh.

The brand was officially launched in October 2019.


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Smartphone Augmented Reality Composition

Smart technology set to fast forward e-commerce imagery and digital design

As the South African economy comes back to life after the lockdown necessitated by the tragedy that is Covid-19, e-commerce companies are racing to innovate and better serve customers. As supply chains slowly roll into action, a problem retailers and brands now face is how to quickly create the content required to market their goods.

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Betting on retail bounce-back

Northern hemisphere retailers have lost their spring/summer season due to the lockdowns and are now looking to exit their stock. It's likely a lot of this will be dumped in southern hemisphere emerging markets, which is going to mean there will be a lot of cheap clothing around for the next three to six months. This would bring more pressure to bear on local retailers, which will have to compete on pricing. But for investors there may be an opportunity.

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Remote office, working at home, freelance concept

Lockdown fashion in SA: Here's how officewear could change after the coronavirus crisis

With the majority of office workers operating from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, comfortable, more relaxed clothing has become the norm - and employees may not be keen to abandon this when returning to their workplaces in coming months. There has already been a move towards more informal work attire over the past years, and Covid-19 will accelerate the trend towards loungewear in the office, says trend researcher Nicola Cooper.

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Lets make it together; BBF Safety Group

To counter this and drive localisation, BBF Safety Group turned their attention to local manufacturers with the potential to deliver on these components. Through incentives and support offered by the government, a local supplier adapted their production to meet the specifications required in the essential filtration component, which is now being manufactured locally.  Through collaboration with a South Africa based company, the nose clips are now being manufactured locally resulting in a FFP2 mask that can be 100% locally sourced and manufactured.

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Consumer markets under pressure in 2020

Fashion supply chain in chaos. Personal accessories (-13%), apparel and footwear (-11%) and eyewear (-8%) are all expected to sustain big losses in 2020. All of these consumer markets have a high level of exposure to luxury, are discretionary in nature and share many traits in terms of the impact of Covid-19. High-end apparel will take the hardest knock, whilst other categories are faring better.


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33 Sustainability efforts of the fashion industry in April and May 2020

While traditional brands and retailers are struggling to manage inventory, overstock and decreasing consumer spending, there are those that are thriving in the current corona crisis: sustainable designs and resale fashion.

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Fashion Designer Showcases the Future of the Runway with 3D Models

Congolese designer, Anifa Mvuemba, gave a preview of what catwalks might look like in a post-pandemic world with a collection using virtual models.

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The Fashion Industry Just Outlined A Vision For The Future. Will #RewiringFashion Be Good Enough?

The current industry timeline is no longer fit for the digital age that we live in. Currently, the schedule means that fashion collections are presented 6 months before they arrive in stores. In the past, when communications were mostly through print media, this allowed for controlled visibility and promotion of the final collections.

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